Sunday, May 22, 2011

Marble Cake

Recommendation: Lilly's Home Style Marble Cake

ReviewAfter wandering through BJ's a few weeks ago making hard decisions like, "do I really need a 5 lb bag of delicious looking lemons," I finally made it to the check-out line. All smart marketers know that the impulse buy tables are a must. Knowing this, I casually looked around to practice self-discipline and assure myself I don't need the 100 unit container of beautifully i flower decorated cookies. But then, I saw them. Two varieties of gluten free (pound cake looking) cakes. Brand name is Lilly's Home Style. I decided to try the marble cake because it looked very moist. I did eat the whole cake (a little at  time), but the only way I'd buy this one again is if I was planning to put something over it (like strawberries or icing). The cake was moist (not as moist as gluten makes things), but good enough. It was lacking a bit in flavor and in density. They did have another flavor - maple, I think. I'd give it a shot if I see it during my next visit. Although the label said Koser for Passover - so we'll see if it ends up being a holiday find only.

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