Thursday, March 28, 2013

Disney World: Crystal Palace: brownies and ice cream

Recommendation: Disney World: Crystal Palace: brownies and ice cream (almost)

Review: Anyone with a food allergy is offered a chef-led walking tour of the buffet line at the Crystal Palace to learn what is gluten (or any allergy) free. While I appreciated the guided tour, I wondered why they just didn't label the food so I could easily walk through the line with everyone else, versus get a verbal tour, then go to the back of the line to actually fill my plate. Good service, but opportunity for improvement there.

The food options were many and delicious, so I was quite happy.  As the chef was about to end the tour, he pointed to the dessert bar and said, "you can't have anything over there." Happy with the general food options, I was fine with that. After all, I wasn't looking to pack in any more calories. But then he said, ask the waitress for my brownies and tofutti. Both are gluten and dairy free and they are fabulous. He seemed pretty proud of his brownies and I'm always game to try new gf foods.

His humble boasting was definitely understated. These were in fact the best gf brownies I've ever had. And to have ice cream on top was well, like having ice cream on top! I savored (and devoured) every last morsel, pushing away my husband's fork the two times he dared to aim his fork toward my brownie.

As a result of my drooling, my husband tracked down the chef and asked what the ingredients were so he could make them for me at home. The chef hesitated, but then said to write down my email address and he'll send it to us. Chef Alfonso, I'm waiting (with my fork and tofutti) for your email!

Where to try: Disney World: Crystal Palace

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Udi's Gluten Free Soft & Hearty Whole Grain Bread

Recommendation: Udi's Gluten Free Soft & Hearty Whole Grain Bread

Review: A thick piece of crunchy crusted toast. Sometimes I dream about those days. Last week, I lived them. I'm very impressed with the "hearty" in Udi's Gluten Free Soft & Hearty Whole Grain bread. It's not dense like most breads and tastes like a multi-grain bread. Toast it up and add butter. You'll forget it's gluten free. I actually toasted every piece in the loaf (peanut butter sandwich, pulled pork sandwich...) and never actually had a slice just out of the bag. I'll have to buy another!

Where to try: Shop Rite frozen food gluten free section or