Friday, July 6, 2012

It's Easy. You Should Try It.

Recommendation: Eat gluten free, wherever you eat out

Review: Doesn't that sound great? Recently, I was traveling with a colleague who has Celiac and she told me every time she goes to a restaurant, she asks her waiter for gluten free bread, pasta and a gluten free menu. She does this even at places she frequently goes to where she knows they don't have these things.

Here's the thing. Every time she asks, the waiter becomes aware of the need, may become enlightened about what gluten free eating is, and most importantly goes back to the kitchen and talks to the chef about gluten. After a while, all of these conversations will certainly have to pay off. Especially if we all take the time to do it. It doesn't take much, and could have big consequences that would make lots of us GF eaters very happy. 

Imagine having a whole bunch of delicious GF options to choose from no matter where you go to eat. 

Where to try: Every restaurant 

Jo-Sef's Cinnamon Cookies

Recommendation: Jo-Sef's Cinnamon Cookies

Review: This is a two-fer review. For the 20th anniversary of our first date, my husband surprised me with a delicious meal, followed by a homemade gluten free New York cheesecake. He's always been a master in the kitchen, but this time he ventured into dessert territory. Something new for him. No disrespect to my Mom who has always made awesome cheesecakes for Christmas each year, but this cheesecake...well, takes the cake! He found the recipe on and substituted the graham crackers with Jo-Sef's Cinnamon Cookies. Even though I planned to divide the large cheesecake and freeze it, every night that week we ate cheesecake after dinner. And we savored every last morsel. A little taste of heaven.

Cheesecake recipe:

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