Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Disney World: Be Our Guest Restaurant: Quinoa Salad

Recommendation: Disney World: Quinoa salad

Review: I had low hopes of finding delicious, healthy gluten free meals when visiting Disney World. Didn't really matter though because I had my gluten free KIND bars (blueberry, pistachio) with me and had just left my parent's house where I ate like a queen for almost a week. Time to scale back on the eating and walk off those calories.

To my surprise, I was treated to a delicious quinoa salad at Be Our Guest Restaurant (castle) with mixed greens on the side and a delicious dressing too. I scarfed up every last morsel and so did my Mom who ordered the same meal. Are the gluten free folk starting to take over the world? I'll be fine with just 50% of it :)

Where to try: Be Our Guest Restaurant at Disneyworld

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sweet Christine's Chocolate Cake

Recommendation: Sweet Christine's Bakery: Chocolate Cake

Review: Sweet Christine's Chocolate cake is an all natural, no preservatives, gluten free, vegan chocolate cake with chocolate icing. The cake measures a few inches high and a large slice of this round cake is deliciously worth the calories. The icing is a bit gritty, but not too bad. It didn't stop me from having a piece of cake every night until the whole darn thing was gone. 

Where to try: Whole Foods 

Sun Cups Milk Chocolate Caramel Cups

Recommendation: Sun Cups Caramel Cups

Review: Just tried the Sun Cups Caramel Cups and Mint Cups and they are delicious, organic, nut free and gluten free. Thanks Mom!

Where to try: Whole Foods or