Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mint Tea - a lifesaver...well, at least a night saver

Recommendation: Any Mint Tea - I guess

Review: While recently visiting a beautiful little country across the pond, I was reminded how spoiled I am in the fairly gluten-free educated US of A. I packed a bunch of gluten free bars, nuts, dried fruits, and granola for my trip. I was hoping not to eat them, but felt comforted that I had them in my bag. 

Unfortunately, I met a lot of wait staff who assured me my meals were gluten free but clearly had no idea what they were talking about. The final straw had come. I gave up and stopped dining out with my colleagues. 

I was cranky, annoyed, and alone far from home. I called my husband, complained, then moved on to google to burn off some steam. Desperate for any new information I could find to help my very uncomfortable symptoms, I stumbled upon a site that talked about mint tea. What did I have to lose?

So, I ordered up a $25 mint tea from room service. It came with two tea bags, so I can understand the price (**smirk**). I didn't care. I was angry that I felt crappy, had already worn my looser waisted outfits due to the prior few nights worth of similar issues. I put both tea bags in and drank up. To my surprise my large belly started to retract, and the pain subsided significantly. 

Not that it's a cure or anything, but I for one will now carry two tea bags in my purse. I also read that you can buy GF cards to hand to waiters and wait staff. That's next on my list of things to do. 

With all obstacles, there is an opportunity to learn and grow!

Where to buy: Anywhere

Simply Organic Carrot Cake Mix

Recommendation: Simply Organic Carrot Cake Mix

Review: Just as awesome as the banana bread. A nice welcome home cake from my son and husband topped off with gluten free cream cheese icing. Polished off the cake in 2.5 days.  Just add carrots, eggs, and water. 

Where to try: