Sunday, July 21, 2013

Glutino: Multi-Grain Sandwich Bread

Recommendation: Glutino: Multi-Grain Sandwich Bread

Review: It was OK. Very lightweight but thickly cut slices. Flavor was good. Did taste like multi-grain, but there just wasn't much to the bread in the substance category. 

Where to try: Local frozen food store or

Simply Organic Banana Bread Mix

Recommendation: Simply Organic: Banana Bread Mix

Review: Was a little skeptical since banana bread, made with real bananas, always tends to flop when I make it. [Not that I let that spoil the situation. I do as my Grandmother did and toast it up,  top it with a few pats of butter and eat the whole thing one slice at a time anyway]. No mixer necessary. Just add bananas, eggs and water and this bread comes out perfectly baked. It's got a nice spice to it too so you could probably add any fruit you like and create a great treat. Simply Organic: Banana Bread Mix has my thumbs up.

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