Sunday, July 5, 2015

Gluten Free Soft Pretzel at Phillies game

Recommendation: Gluten Free Soft Pretzel at Phillies game

Review: I read a review from a few years ago while sitting in Phillies stadium (aka Citizens Bank Park) trying to figure out what to eat. So, I left my family and said I was going to venture out in the rain in search of an old review which claimed that the food service at Phillies stadium (aka Citizens Bank Park) did indeed have one dedicated area somewhere in the baseball stadium dedicated to gluten free food. I had to ask 3 different food service workers who all enthusiastically confirmed that they did indeed have a gluten free area. They even told me exactly how many more sections I had to go to find it. Unfortunately, all 3 people gave me the wrong section. I started to wonder if it was really a joke. But I decided to reframe my thoughts toward making my search into a game in my head. Pretending a camera crew (albeit a prank type show) might be following me around. The last women I asked was very confident it was just a few more sections down. I'd gone half way across the stadium, so what was a few more feet. After stopping where she told me and finding nothing, I decided to go a few more feet. And that's when I stumbled upon a free standing large cart that did indeed sell only gluten free food! Of course they offered gluten free pizza, but I passed on that. Instead I ordered up a gluten free soft pretzel - what a treat! And every calorie was very much worth it. It was crusty and salty of course, but the pretzel actually had a little pinch of sweetness in the dough as well. I added a hotdog with a gluten free roll. Then I walked by the station where you can add sauerkraut as a topping. I didn't even know there were topping stands! A whole new reason to go to a Phillies game. Besides the game of course ;) if I only wrote down the actual section of that stand - oh well. Next time!

Where to buy: Phillies Stadium, Philadelphia PA

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